7TILL8 Wetsuits Introduces Colorful New Custom-Fit Dive Wetsuit Collection

Made from compression resistant Yamamoto #40 limestone neoprene in five distinct colors, the new dive collection is now available on 7till8.com.

LOS ANGELES, May 1, 2018 -- 7TILL8 Wetsuits, creators of the “Best Luxury Wetsuit of 2018” by Stab Magazine, announced the launch of their newest custom-fit dive wetsuit collection. The new collection includes a fullsuit, hooded fullsuit, and separated hood in a range of thicknesses from 2/2mm to 7/7mm, delivering an individualized personal fit that is handcrafted with the best materials and construction.

When launching the collection, 7TILL8 considered the challenges of the scuba diver and designed each feature for the smoothest ease of entry. The collection is exclusively made from Yamamoto #40 limestone neoprene, a closed-cell neoprene boasting low density, high flexibility and excellent thermal insulation. Each wetsuit is custom-fitted to 15 different measurement points for a precise and individual fit. Understanding the importance of aesthetic, 7TILL8 created the collection with a bright, colorful and sophisticated design in mind.

7TILL8 strives to create a wetsuit of the highest quality and construction. To date, 7TILL8 Wetsuits has been worn by surfers and divers from 36 different countries. The new custom-fit dive collection will allow divers to take steps toward achieving their goals and unleashing their full potential in the water.

The new custom-fit dive wetsuit collection can be purchased exclusively and directly online at 7till8.com.

7TILL8 Dive Wetsuit Details:

  • Each wetsuit is custom tailored to the individual and available in from 2/2-7/7mm in five different colors.
  • Yamamoto #40 limestone neoprene is 99.7% water impermeable and features improved compression resistant characteristics for constant warming qualities
  • Fullsuits include extended knee pads, fully internal hand taped seams and water tight seal.
  • Hooded fullsuit and separated hood include a one-way valve for air to escape the hood as a face seal that can be trimmed to adjust to the face mask.  


About 7TILL8 Wetsuits

Founded in 2016, 7TILL8 Wetsuits is dedicated to creating a wetsuit that helps strengthen each individual’s relationship with the ocean by creating a wetsuit that helps maximize performance and comfort.

Instagram: @7till8wetsuits

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