Every country is different from one another. Traveling allows us to expose ourselves to an environment
that is different than home. Our Japanese inspiration started in Osaka -> Tokyo -> Niseko.

See how different Japan is from where you live.


Dōtombori, Osaka

The most happening spot in Osaka. Shops, food, and entertainment at every corner you turn.

Dotombori, Osaka Japan


Osaka, Japan

There are at least 51,000 ramen restaurants in Japan. Each one customized to their own liking. Ramen is one of the only dishes that Japanese cooks will experiment with and customize to their own liking.

Japanese Ramen


Tokyo, Japan

Custom everything! There is a lot of customization happening in Japan. Even a Harley Davidson pictured here has its own flare of custom in Japan.

Customized Harley


Tokyo, Japan

Some of the weirdest things happen in Tokyo but the Robot Show was so weird that it was so fun. Yes, this can only be seen in Tokyo, Japan.


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Organized chaos but everything moves along quickly and efficiently.

Shibuya Tokyo, Japan


Sapporo, Japan

The snow comes down lightly but for days and nights. Arguably the best snow in the world for snowboarding and skiing. 

Snowfall in Niseko

Grand Hirafu
Niseko, Japan

It's hard to find a clear day in Niseko, but we got lucky and experienced bluebird. The volcanos in the background give an eerie but gorgeous view.

Bluebird Niseko, Japan

We visited many different places in Japan and learned a lot about their culture. Comment below and let us know where you are from. Every place is different and we'd like to know where you live is different from ours.

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