How to Put on a Wetsuit (Slant Zip, Chest Zip, and Back Zip)

Putting on a wetsuit is not always a comfortable experience. The stickiness and tightness of the neoprene material can make the struggle to put a wetsuit on very real. To help get you into your surfing wetsuit and into the water, here are our 7TILL8 approved tips for putting on a wetsuit:


Step 1: LEGS

Grab the armpits of the wetsuit from the inside of the suit, flip it inside out, and roll down to expose only the bottom half of the wetsuit. Sit down and pull the wetsuit on over one of your legs. Start with the foot and ankle, and then get it past the knees. Once you bring it up past the knee, adjust the material, and move on to the other leg. Once both knees are covered, pull the material over each thigh and then adjust the material as you pull up. We recommend you pull the material up one leg at a time until the wetsuit is up to your hips on both sides. 


Step 2: BODY

Then, pull the rest of the material over your body until it is up to your shoulders on both sides. Slip in each arm and adjust the material over one arm at a time.


Step 3: ENTRY


  • For Slant Zip wetsuits, there is an enclosed shoulder that makes it trickier to get in and so we recommend you pull the material completely over a bicep of the enclosed size and then get the next bicep in. Once both arms are in, pull the material over the rest of the shoulders. 



  • Back Zips: Make sure the zipper flap is flat on your back and then pull the water gasket* over your head. Then, pull the zipper up all the way and close the velcro flap over to seal the wetsuit shut.



  • Chest Zips: Pull the yoke piece overhead and then tuck the material under your zip. Zip up the chest zipper and then snap the button to close it.

*Only 7TILL8 Custom Surf Backzips and Ready Made Surf and Dive Backzips include this water gasket. It is not featured in our custom dive wetsuits. 



If wearing boots and gloves, we recommend that you put on the suit first, then boots, and end with gloves. The boots and gloves should be tucked under your wetsuit.  



If you find it difficult to get into your wetsuit, you can also request to install ankle and wrist zippers to any of our custom wetsuits for ease of entry. 



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