Mastering Custom Fit Wetsuits For Women

Building high quality wetsuits requires a wealth of technical pattern making experience and years of user experience and feedback. All wetsuits start from two dimensional flat pieces of fabric that are cut out and sewn together to build three dimensional garments. The ability to conceptualize a three dimensional garment and take action to flat patterns to create a wetsuit in reality is a skill that requires many years of hands on experience. Wetsuits are worn close to the skin (allowing for less margin of error) and thus require countless hours of building, testing, feedback, and fine tuning.

Expert pattern makers at 7TILL8 took the process of developing patterns several steps forward to create a process unique to our custom wetsuit brand. Over the course of three years, this intricate process was developed with the help of 30 women who gave us feedback on fit and performance in the water over.


The Story Begins with Patterns


Curves throughout the body, body lengths, and proportions of the body are all unique to each person. When trying on a size from one wetsuit brand to another you may experience great differences in fit. One of our customers recently remarked that, "I wear a size 6 in brand A and size 10 in brand B. I don’t get it...why is there such a large gap in sizing?”. These are challenges pattern makers and graders (grading is the technique of scaling patterns to different sizes) face. Pattern makers use different grading charts that differ from one another and these are secrets pattern makers do not share with one another. As a result, sizing may differ greatly across from one to another and one brand to another brand.  


7TILL8 Grading 

Our patterns are not graded and instead an established base pattern. Our algorithms are used to scale patterns for a custom fit to avoid inconsistent grading rules. From the 30 different women we've worked with, we created base patterns for each body type as a starting reference point to set our algorithms. This created the custom patterns we use to build the wetsuit. The bust, hips, shoulders, waist diameter, and chest diameter are the critical base points that were recognized across all patterns. These measurements are also the biggest variations we see across the body types. 


7TILL8 Algorithms

Algorithms are our specialty and what make our wetsuit making process different from the rest. For example, if a customer has longer arms, then the base pattern changes to the shoulders, chest. Additionally, upper torso patterns have to adjust proportionately to the arms. Doing this by hand is inaccurate and also time consuming. Our team worked to create algorithms on every single seam line, using mathematical formulas to evenly compensate for that growth. This technology is only offered here at 7TILL8 and is proprietary to all of our custom wetsuit pattern making.


So what took so long? Three years of testing?


With any new 7TILL8 product, we believe that thorough testing is required to fix challenges and address issues in order to improve designs and process. We create our base patterns by hand  and built each wetsuit by working with a small group of women to test out in surf and dive.


Due to the unique complexities and variations in our female body types, building the womens wetsuits initially took about three times longer than our mens wetsuits. We could not justify passing additional costs to the consumer and so we instead focused on perfecting our women's algorithms, setting crucial measuring points, and streamlining the high quality production process. We decided to launch the women's line once we created a process that could reduce build times and offer custom wetsuits to everyone at an equal price.


Everyday is an opportunity to learn and improve products, so we'd like to thank all the surfers and divers that were patient during development of our new custom womens wetsuit line.


With the option to choose Yamamoto material on both the surf and dive lines, women can suit up in the best of wetsuits. Create an account and click on add measurements in your user dashboard where you will gain access to videos that will instruct on how to measure and a form field that allows users to submit directly on the page.


For additional questions on the line of custom wetsuits for women please contact us at or call (310) 800-6324.

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