Video Review on 7TILL8 Custom Surf Wetsuits

Video Review on 7TILL8 Custom Surf Wetsuits

Custom Chest Zip Wetsuit

The most popular 7TILL8 Custom Chest Zip Wetsuit. Choose from Yamamoto Premium Neoprene or the High-Performance Boost Neoprene. Starting at $395

Custom Backzip Wetsuit

The 7TILL8 Backzip is well suited for the surfer that has broad shoulders or find it difficult to get into wetsuits. 


Custom Slantzip and Hooded Wetsuit

The Slantzip is the most high performance custom wetsuit you can get. The hooded style also comes in a slantzip to keep moisture out of the wetsuit. 


All custom wetsuits are built specifically for your body and require your measurements to build. Click here to create an account to gain access to our measuring video tutorials. Measurements instructions for men and women are available and can be done quickly in 10-15 minutes.

For any questions regarding the best custom surf wetsuit for you please contact us at (310)283-9440 or email


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