Visit Yamamoto Wetsuit Material Factory Part I

Yamamoto Wetsuit Materials Part I


At 7TILL8 Custom Wetsuits, we are constantly researching and learning about new materials to use in our custom fit wetsuits. For quality, Yamamoto sits at the top with their limestone-based neoprene. We want to learn more about this magical neoprene and so we're heading out to Japan to check out their production.


 Yamamoto Materials and Design


Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene Wetsuits


Late last year, Tommy Yamamoto (President and CEO) of Yamamoto Corp. visited our studio in Los Angeles and shared with us two new innovative materials to offer in our line of custom wetsuits. The first sample was the titanium alpha II neoprene, a titanium lined neoprene with PU coating he claimed to be proprietary. This process prevents corrosion and leaking of the metal alloys from neoprene. Tommy explained that the ocean is extremely corrosive and the special coating is needed to keep titanium adhered to neoprene. Yamamoto claims that the titanium lining on the neoprene increases blood flow and also acts as reflective material that insulates warmth far better than typical neoprene. So far the titanium alpha 2 material has worked out nicely in our custom prototype. More details on that wetsuit soon to come in march.

The second material offered was an infrared material that increases blood circulation and pushes out lactic acid build up. Tommy quickly explained to us the two different muscles in our body. Red muscles and white muscles. These two muscles have different functions in our body and white muscles pass lactic acid quickly promoting fast recovery. The material is supposed to help transfer lactic acid from red muscles into white muscles. Yamamoto has supplied only a small amount of the infrared material and testing has been challenging. We'll be grabbing more of this material to test properly when we're out in Japan.


Yamamoto Wetsuit Testing


Yamamoto has always provided detailed information about their wetsuit materials but as custom craftsmen, we'd like to find out how this magical neoprene gets created. 

We want to hear from you as well. Tell us what you would be interested in learning about Yamamoto. We will take down your questions and follow up with answers in our part II article after we visit the Yamamoto factory.

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  • Stan Asato

    Are they considering other alternatives to neoprene such as the Yulex that Patagoina is offering?

  • H. Blayer

    What are they doing to bring us a more environment friendly material?

  • tom ellis

    I’m specifically interested in boots and gloves. When are you guys going to get with Yamamoto to produce a warm, soft boot that doesn’t have a hard sole, but allows for more “feel” when surfing? And what about gloves? Five fingers or mittens?

  • Ellis

    What other new Yamamoto materials are on offer?

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