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We're fully commited to customer satisfaction. Below you'll find resources and information about your wetsuit to help enhance your 7TILL8 experience both in and out of the water.

If you can't find an answer to your question or a solution, we'd love to hear from you. Contact our team by email, phone, or in-person at our 7TILL8 HQ. We're here to help.

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Breaking Your Wetsuit In

A brand new wetsuit requires a break in phase, so we recommend you try your wetsuit in the water first. Do not panic if your wetsuit feels tight on first wear.

The more you utilize the wetsuit, you will notice that it molds to your body after the first few sessions. It will also be easier to slip in and out of it.

Wetsuit Care

To prolong the lifetime of your wetsuit, rise it with fresh water after every session. A thorough rinse helps remove any debris and remove salt water from the wetsuit.

After the rinse, hang the wetsuit over the waist and never the shoulders. Hanging a wetsuit by the shoulders can stretch out the neoprene.

Lastly, make sure wherever you dry your wetsuit is out of direct sunlight. Hanging a wetsuit in direct sunlight can damage and fade the neoprene.

Alterations Needed

In the case that your wetsuit needs an Alteration, please use the link below to schedule an Alteration Request.

Signs you made need an alteration include:

- Choking feeling in neck

- Excess material in wetsuit creating discomfort

- Tightness in wetsuit creating discomfort

- Wetsuit restricting paddle motion

- Difficulty breathing when wearing suit

Request an Alteration

Free Repairs for the LIfe of the Wetsuit

We're committed to helping you extend the life of your wetsuit as long as possible. If your wetsuit needs repairs, please use the link below to begin our repair process.

Examples of repairs include:

- Broken Stitches

- Taping Deterioration

- Glue Deterioration

- Holes or Soon to be Holes in Wetsuit

- Knee Pad Replacement

- Zipper Replacement

- Neoprene Wearing Thin

Please drop off or ship your suit to the 7TILL8 Studio:

7TILL8 Repairs and Alterations 20950 Normandie Ave, Unit J, Torrance, CA 90502

Request a Repair

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Alterations and repairs take approximately 4 weeks to complete upon arrival of your wetsuit.

Yes, all measurements are saved, meaning you do not need to be remeasured if you are interested in ordering another suit. Our team will produce a wetsuit with the most recent measurements on file. Our base patterns are compatible with each of our wetsuit designs.

Log in to your 7TILL8 account to see all your measurements as well as your order history. Use your same email and contact information as your purchase to log in.

We cannot offer refunds since this suit is custom tailored to you. If for any reason the wetsuit does not fit, we will alter, remake and work with you to make sure your 7TILL8 wetsuit fits the way it should.

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