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Yamamoto Custom Wetsuit Materials


The Premium SAFA Collection is made from Yamomoto neoprene, the exceptional product of the Yamamoto Corporation. For over 40 years, Yamamoto Corporation has produced the most technologically advanced wetsuits in the world.

Perform Without Distraction 

Yamamoto limestone-based neoprene is 99.7% water impermeable and exhibits extremely durable stretch properties. Yamamoto's lightweight characteristics improve your overall comfort and performance keeping you light on your feet.


Explore Longer. Go Farther  

Yamamoto neoprene has perfect uniform independent closed micro cell structure and 93% closed cell content (vs. 60% in other neoprenes). This allows it to holds its shape better, which increases wetsuit longevity and stretch.


Yamamoto Neoprene Custom Wetsuits
Yamamoto Neoprene


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Stay Warmer Longer

Each cell in the rubber is filled with nitrogen gas, which exhibits the ultimate thermal insulation and heat retention properties. These capsules of nitrogen will harness your body’s heat and hold a layer of warmth close to your body at all times.


Extremely Durable Premium Neoprene 

Unlike other petroleum-based neoprenes, Yamamoto holds its shape 666% longer than standard neoprene. This limestone-based neoprene contains over 99.7% calcium carbonate and exhibits extremely durable stretch properties.


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