Custom Wetsuit (Remake)

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This product is to remake a 7TILL8 Custom Wetsuit that did not fit perfectly. There is no cost to the customer and an order is placed to help track with shipping and order status.

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Surf Wetsuits

Wetsuit Thickness
58°- 68° 2/2mm 14.4°- 20°
55°- 62° 3/2mm 12.7°- 17°
53°- 60° 3/3mm 11.6°- 16°
49°- 56° 4/3mm 9.4°- 14°
47° and below 5/4mm 8.3° and below
45° and below 5/5mm 7.2° and below

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Ready For Winter Wipeouts

A Guide To Wetsuit Entries

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