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A Quick Guide to Wetsuit Entry Systems

A Quick Guide to Wetsuit Entry Systems

With a 7TILL8 Custom Wetsuit, you can choose your preferred entry style to give you the best performance in your session. We’re going to give you a quick overview of all three entry styles.

Chest Zip
The Chest Zip is our most popular style. It is a versatile entry style because it’s both easy to take off, but also performs well.

To put it on, pull the yoke piece over your head, line up the zippers, and close the button snap over to keep the zipper in place.

Back Zip
The Back Zip is the easiest style to put on and take off. We recommend this to anyone with broad shoulders or shoulder injuries.

Our Back Zip Fullsuits include a gasket piece that provides an additional seal against flushing. To put it on, pull the basket over your head, tuck in the piece and then proceed to zip up. The back zip does include a 21” zipper pull to make it easy to pull up by yourself. Once done, don’t forget to secure the velcro flap over the zipper.

Slant Zip
The Slant Zip is our most performance driven wetsuit as the enclosed shoulder minimizes flushing. Because the entry is also the most narrow, it is also the most difficult to get into.

To get into a slant zip, it’s best to first get the wetsuit up to your chest and then put the right shoulder on (where the zipper starts) and then the left.

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