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7TILL8 Warranty Policy 

Every one of our custom wetsuits is hand built with the most care and we stand behind everything we build. We don't have a set length of warranty because with every custom wetsuit we will try our very best to fix and repair any issues to maximize the use of the wetsuit. We are not responsible for wetsuits that show signs of abuse or accidental damage. 

Wetsuit Care Guidelines

1. Rinse thoroughly in fresh water after use to wash away any sand or debris.
2. Fold at the waist and hang dry out of direct sun.
3. When dry, store away in cool shaded area away from direct sun. 
4. Repeat after each session to extend the life of your wetsuit.

Alterations For 7TILL8 Wetsuits

Every wetsuit we build is specific to your specifications. If for any reason the wetsuit does not fit we will alter, remake and do everything humanly possible to make sure it fits the way a 7TILL8 wetsuit should fit. If a 7TILL8 wetsuit does not meet your expectations follow the instructions below to begin the alterations process.

Instructions On Getting The Wetsuit To Us

Ship to:
7TILL8 Repairs and Alterations
14710 S. Maple Ave.
Gardena, CA 90248

Include in your package:
1. Contact information - Name, Email, Telephone Number
2. Order number
3. Detail message on what needs to be corrected or altered. (A customer representative will contact you if more details are needed)

We will ship back your wetsuit after completion. Repairs and alterations take 1-2 weeks to complete and shipped back to your location promptly.


Every wetsuit we build is specific to the owner and we take cautious steps to make sure we get the most accurate measurements. We cannot resell or restock custom wetsuits and will not refund the cost of the wetsuit. We will take the necessary steps to remake and alter the wetsuit to meet customer satisfaction. 


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