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Learn which wetsuit thickness is best for you based on water temperature and priorities.

Mid-Season Warmth & Seasonal Transition

For transitional periods such as spring and early fall, we recommend a 2/2mm-3/2mm fullsuit in order to keep your core warm and maximize flexibility in your arms.


Temperate Cold

When the water is cold and the priority is looking for the most effective rubber to keep you flexible.

Our 3/3mm is an unsung hero during California winters.


Winter Worthy

When thicker wetsuits are a must and conditions require a tough wetsuit. The priority is durability and quick drying material. We provide options that consider duck diving and ease of entry.


Winter Warrior

For the coldest of waters to brave, a hooded fullsuit is a must. We offer options that help weather the most frigid of conditions.


Subtropical Uniform & Sunset Sessions

For when the water is warm, and your biggest priority is sun coverage and offshore wind protection for prolonged sessions.

We recommend sticking with 2mm rubber or below.


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