Designing the Convertible Hooded Fullsuit

We created the convertible hooded fullsuit (Mens | Womens) this year because we knew how much you needed a product that was versatile for colder temps. A fullsuit that could withstand even the harshest winter months or the rare balmy day. 

So when it came to cracking the code on its construction, we took design cues from the world of mechanics. If you know a thing or two about cars and bikes, you know how critical certain parts are to the functioning whole. And you know it’s even better when those parts can be customized. 

Enter our 3-piece convertible hooded fullsuit: a hood for when you need it, a collar piece for when you don’t. Easy.

Custom Mens Surf Convertible Hooded FullsuitCustom Womens Surf Convertible Hooded FullsuitCustom Mens Surf FullsuitCustom Mens Surf Hooded FullsuitCustom Womens Surf Fullsuit


Winter Worthy Wetsuits

When thicker wetsuits are a must and conditions require a tough wetsuit. The priority is durability and quick drying material. We provide options that consider duck diving and ease of entry.

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