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Made-to- Measure for the Perfect Fit


Gizmodo Names 7TILL8 "Best Overall Wetsuit"

Gizmodo Names 7TILL8 "Best Overall Wetsuit"

We're stoked to once again be recognized as "Best Wetsuit", this time by the publication Gizmodo in "The Best Surfboards, Wetsuits, and Surfing Accessories".

See the full review below: 

"Wetsuits used to be so stiff and uncomfortable that you’d typically wait until the water was tooth-chatteringly cold before you put one on. Thankfully, they’ve come a long way. After trying dozens of suits over the years, 7till8 stands out as the best suit money can buy, and it’s not even all that close. There are two reasons for this. The first is that it uses Japanese #40 Yamamoto limestone neoprene, which has about 30% more air bubbles than petroleum neoprene. That lets it feel like a layer of butter coating your whole body. It is so soft, light, flexible, and warm, that you feel almost like you’re wearing silk pajamas. It dries quickly, too.

The second reason is that 7till8 wetsuits are custom. Using a flexible tape measure, a straight edge, and a friend, you submit about 15 body measurements online, and 7till8 whips up a suit that fits like a second skin regardless of your body type. It’s hard to quantify just how wonderful this feels. For starters, a large cross-section of the population doesn’t quite fit standard, off-the-shelf wetsuits, which can lead to bunching and chafing if it’s too loose, or feeling like you’re pulling against a resistance band with every paddle stroke if it’s too tight. This is especially true for plus-sized individuals and people with breasts or other sex characteristics often coded as female. I’ve read reports of people breaking down in tears when they put on their 7till8 because they’d never had a wetsuit that actually fit them. While I didn’t experience anything that dramatic, I will say that this suit feels better than anything I’ve ever tried, and by a comfortable margin. I went with the 4/3mm Convertible suit ($750), which has a hood that can zip on and off, which is fantastic for cold NorCal waters, and it’s so flexible that I can even use it for freediving and spearfishing. These aren’t the cheapest wetsuits, but they aren’t the most expensive either, and in my experience they last long and have one of the best warranties in the business."

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