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Let's Talk About Monica and Olga

Let's Talk About Monica and Olga

Going down in surfboard length is a challenge in every surfer's journey, but progressing in adulthood requires a tremendous amount of determination. Both Monica and Olga transitioned to shortboarding as adults while managing full-time careers and we're in awe. We don’t often hear stories like this in the surf, especially from individuals that look like them, but we want to hear more. 

It's especially impressive to know their character out of the water. 

Monica (@monicamedellin_) is an Executive Film Producer whose work focuses on expanding the narratives around women and people of color in sports. Olga (@olgayashira_) is an ER Doctor who only started surfing five years ago at the age of 30. Despite how busy they both are, they can still often be found supporting, teaching, volunteering their time to nonprofits that raise up others in the surfing space. 

They represent so much of what 7TILL8 stands for and aspires to be in surf.

Photos: @brielakin