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Made-to- Measure for the Perfect Fit


Why We Exist: A Note From the Founders

As the founders of 7TILL8, we get to create a product that enhances people's time in the ocean. It is something we do not take for granted and this year only confirmed that our wetsuit goes beyond utility. 

To exist in the surf community requires access, whether in the form of gear, location, or knowledge. We created 7TILL8 because we know how it feels not to have that access. We understand wanting to belong to something you do not see yourself represented in. It can feel like you need permission to enter. As participants in the industry, we exist to give that permission.  

Permission looks like an ocean of color filled with a wide range of genders, ages, and sizes. It is admiring the determination to surf more than just the talent. It is respecting the locals who protect the natural spots we call travel destinations. It is paying full price to those who produce with integrity because they are doing things the honorable way. To give these individuals visibility is to improve the ecosystem we all depend on and it is our obligation to help them shine.  

Surfing is a privilege. This was a year where a state pass was more valuable than a passport and a glassy sunset session was priceless. When the world felt like it was imploding, we had the good fortune to jump in our cars and escape into the ocean to find our peace. We understand that many could not. We are deeply grateful for every opportunity to surf, regardless of how crowded the break or how lackluster the wave. 

As a company, we are humbled to still be standing right now. It is an honor to exist and we're trying our best to pay it forward. Thank you for seeing us this year and we hope to keep helping you further your bliss. 

See you at glass off. 


Grace and Andrew