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The Slow Down: Going Beyond Black Friday

The Slow Down: Going Beyond Black Friday

We’re not participating in Black Friday this year. This isn’t anything personal against the event, but the idea of promoting a season of discounts is not sitting well with us right now. This year, the surf industry has seen a gigantic sales slowdown and it’s caused the end of some of the independent surf brands we admire most. If everything’s on sale, isn’t it then a race to the bottom? Who’s left standing? How will the surf industry dictate the culture? 

We understand how competitive it is out there and we’re also getting peer pressured to participate in discounting. Everyone’s just trying to make it. However, when many of the independent brands we know produce quality gear that is already margin-sensitive, a culture of discounting makes it tougher to thrive. Consider how the word “discount” itself is synonymous with “decrease”...doesn’t it seem like the core of the surf industry is shrinking right now? If the purpose of a promotion is to persuade the customer to choose our product, why not turn it into an opportunity to increase value in a meaningful manner?

We've always believed that the most direct way to support a brand's product is by honoring its value and paying the full price.

This November (starting 11/6), instead of a discount, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. And you get to benefit. Instead of offering a discount, we're purchasing products at full price from independent brands we deeply admire in the surf industry and including them as gifts with your purchase this month.

We want to be clear. This isn’t a marketing collaboration or partnership. We bought them off the store just like any other consumer. 

By doing this, we’re passing along the total value of the gesture to you. Instead of a discount, you’ll get free amazing gear while supporting another independent brand on our behalf. We’re excited to try this out and hope it’s a win-win situation that benefits everyone involved.  

This also gives us an excuse to shine a light on other companies that inspire us in our own pursuits, as we’ll be sharing stories on why we chose these products and how they influenced us. We’ve always believed that in order for 7TILL8 to thrive, we need to also participate in helping “grow the whole pie” from a practical point of view. It’s a true privilege to get to make a living off of a product that we find truly meaningful to make. We don’t take it for granted at all. 


Grace and Andrew 


PS: What gear will we be gifting? You'll have to subscribe to our newsletter to find out, but a few hints: fins, subscriptions, and surfboards.