Custom Womens Two Piece Wetsuit
Custom Womens Two Piece Wetsuit
Custom Womens Two Piece Wetsuit
Custom Womens Two Piece Wetsuit
Custom Womens Two Piece Wetsuit
Custom Womens Two Piece Wetsuit
Custom Womens Two Piece Wetsuit

Custom Womens Two Piece Wetsuit

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The Custom Womens Two-Piece Wetsuit brings versatility to your day. It is comprised of the Custom Surf 2mm Front Zip Jacket and the Custom Surf 2mm Long Jane. When worn together, the top half of the body contains a total warmth of 4mm. It is the perfect outfit for the waterwoman that spends an entire day out. 

For chilly morning sessions, wear the two-piece for extra coverage and warmth. When the day warms up, unzip the jacket to cool off or shed it and keep the Long Jane for coverage. When things get really hot, swap out for your rubber for some board shots and just keep the jacket for coverage.   

  • Key Pocket located on outer left calf
  • Made from 100% Yamamoto limestone neoprene
  • Double glue and blind stitched with durable tape reinforcement to each tri seams
  • Free US shipping
  • Free Alterations and repairs
  • Easy online self measuring process: How to measure

Surf Wetsuits

Wetsuit Thickness
58°- 68° 2/2mm 14.4°- 20°
55°- 62° 3/2mm 12.7°- 17°
53°- 60° 3/3mm 11.6°- 16°
49°- 56° 4/3mm 9.4°- 14°
47° and below 5/4mm 8.3° and below
45° and below 5/5mm 7.2° and below


Dive Wetsuits

Wetsuit Thickness
66°-72° 2/2mm 18.8°- 22.2°
64°-68° 3/3mm 17.7°- 20°
58°-64° 5/5mm 14.4°- 17.7°
Low 50's 7/7mm 10°

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Wetsuit Temperature Guide

Wetsuit Entry

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A Guide to Entry Systems

Free Alterations and REpairs

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We take serious pride in performance, durability, and creating a wetsuit that strives to provide a perfect fit for every person's individual needs. We offer free alterations and repairs for the life of every custom wetsuit.


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