Making the Two Piece
President & Co-founder, Andrew, hand-building a custom two piece wetsuit for an upcoming project. All prototypes & new designs are introduced and first built in-house by Andrew before going to production. A true craftsman dedicated to challenging the way we...
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What is Ease?
  Fit lesson #1Ease is the difference between the measurement of the wetsuit pattern vs the measurement of the human body. Example: a standard chest circumference is around 39’ - so the wetsuit pattern should be made at about 36’...
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Everything You Need To Know About How Swells Work
What follows is a by-no-means-comprehensive guide to swells and surf forecasting to help you make some sense out of all those charts and numbers. If you’re new to surfing, absorbing this info should place you in the vicinity of fun waves somewhat more often. And if you’re old to surfing and just couldn’t be bothered learning this stuff until now, there’s hope for you yet.
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